Oral Presentations


Session 1, HCC 307

Moderator: Dr. Jackie Gallagher

  1. Faith Jones. Spatial Analysis of Soil Health and Environmental Equity in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  2. Eliza Vegas. Mapping Stafford’s Black History Trail using the Principles of Web Map Design
  3. Chase Sullivan: Recovering a Forgotten Past: Cades Cove, TN
  4. Leda Hinkle. Extending the VRE: Transit Market Assessment for Caroline County, VA

Session 2, HCC 328

Moderator: Dr. María Laura Bocaz

  1. Norah Walsh. How fluctuating narrative voice in José Donoso’s El Lugar Sin Límites can help guide the English translation of La Manuela’s gender
  2. Rebecca Cruz. Translation challenges in El lugar sin límites – Hell Has No Limits, by José Donoso
  3. Eleanor Clark. From Never Enough To Nothing At All: an investigation of political commentary in Euripides’ Medea
  4. Norah Walsh. From Yearning to Eroticism: Radical Queer Works from Cuban Writers


Session 3, HCC 307

Moderator: Dr. Marisa Martínez-Mira

  1. Kaitlin Saal. Analyzing Healthcare Disparities in Rural Areas and for Hispanic Populations
  2. Natalie Buchanan. ELL Programs within the Fredericksburg, VA area: A Description and Rationale for Advocacy
  3. Lucy Schraff. Effectiveness of the (AVANT) UMW Spanish Language Placement Exam for Heritage Speakers of Spanish

Session 4, HCC 327

Moderator: Dr. Rosalyn Cooperman

  1. Aleksandra Poletes. Comparing the Legislative Process for Protections Against Gender Based Violence in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
  2. Hennry Paredes. China’s AI Technology Growth: Implications for U.S. Policy
  3. Jane Michael. Electing Generational Immigrants: Asian American Campaign Messaging in Virginia
  4. Amede Karina-Plun. Intraparty Factions in the 2024 Republican Primary

Session 5, HCC 328

Moderator: Dr. Brad Hansen

  1. Natisha Bartlett. Immigration’s effect on Unemployment in the U.S
  2. Jared Ponce. Securities and Sovereign Bond Spread Measures as Federal Funds Rate Change Predicters
  3. Nickolas Remish. Explaining Non-Compete Agreement Partisanship Among the States
  4. Logan Rowland. Analyzing Determinants of National Hockey League Draft Selection Order

Session 6, HCC 329

Moderator: Shannon Hauser

  1. Alexander Gluchowski. Design and Fabrication of 3D Printed Great Highland Bagpipes Using OnShape
  2. Eugene Hlaing, Liam Kiely. Losing CTRL


Session 7, HCC 327

Moderator: Betsy Lewis

  1. Hannah Walker. The Effect of Gender Bias on the Confirmation Hearings of Federal District and Circuit Court Appointees
  2. Nickolas Remish. Presidential Influence on the Bureaucracy: The Curious Case of Lina Khan
  3. Corbin Poyer. Exploring the Impact of Social Media Usage on Misinformation Beliefs

Session 8, HCC 328

Moderator: Dr. Laura Sipe

  1. Hudson McNerney. The Effect of Social Isolation on Orexin Production and Hedonic Drive in Female Mice
  2. Elizabeth Sullivan. Understanding Anatomy Creates Better Dancers
  4. Adrian Coello. Optimizing the Synthesis of the Secondary Metabolites of DEHP

Session 9, HCC 329

Moderator: Dr. Steve Hanna

  1. Eric Hummer. Benevolence or Branding? Understanding the Motivations and Public Reception Behind Major Museum Donations, 1900-2020
  2. Hannah Lee. Making Healthy Choices for Academic Integrity: a Retrospective Study on the Impacts of Health on Violating the Honor Code at the University of Mary Washington
  3. Lucas Anderson and Aidan Smagh. Mapping Racial Covenants in Fredericksburg