Marketing Sustainable Beauty

By Madison Kimmitz

Faculty Mentor: Dr Kelly Eunjung Yoon


This study explores the impact of waste within the beauty industry and how it can be effectively minimized. This research also covers how a company within the beauty industry can become more sustainable and how they can successfully market that. A firm can start becoming more sustainable by changing the way a company operates in terms of production: sourcing ethical materials, using clean energy, and making products water and energy efficient. Other key factors to developing sustainable products are packaging, durability and longevity, and recyclability. Once the product itself is sustainable, the company must market it as such. Educated and responsible consumers are the target demographic. By incentivizing consumer education programs on sustainability, a firm will widen their target demographic. Understanding how to responsibly manage consumption is crucial for the life of our planet. By incorporating sustainability frameworks into business models, firms can stay successful and make a difference.



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