El Otro Lado

By Christopher Sullivan

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Delgado-Poust


This work is about the other side of a very abusive relationship, Pilar being the one in an abusive relationship with her husband Antonio. This creative essay is something written from the perspective of her sister named Ana. Throughout the work I talk about scenes that were present from the movie (Te Doy mis Ojos). The first section is talking about an incident that occurred at the beginning of the movie when Pilar takes her son Juan to her sisters apartment after a big fight between her and Antonio. The second paragraph talks about the relationship that Ana has with her husband John and the impact that the fighting is having on Pilar’s and Antonio’s son Juan. The final section talks about one of the big scenes in the movie, Juan’s birthday party. Just from the eyes of Ana, this this third paragraph really is just a dialogue between Ana and members of the family that are at this event. Finally, in the conclusion it talks about how Ana feels a little bit of guilt for not seeing the signs of an abusive relationship early and how she wished she could have saved her sister from it, because in the end all she wanted was to protect her sister.



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