Analysis of Total and Bioavailable Concentrations of Trace Metals in Surface Soils and Environmental Equity in Fredericksburg, Virginia

By Anna Velardi, Faith Jones, Audrey Turner

Faculty Mentor: Melanie Szulczewski


Investigation into the presence of heavy metals in soil samples from a survey conducted around Fredericksburg using a variety of analysis techniques. Texture, pH, as well as organic matter content and metal concentrations in the soil were determined at 20 different locations throughout Fredericksburg. There was a specific focus on heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and chromium which all have significant adverse health effects. Analysis of these results was conducted using chemical instrumentation (ICP-AES) in addition to data analysis with excel and SPSS. GIS mapping software was used to compile socioeconomic data such as income, education level, and race in the geographic locations the soils came from.



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