2024 Sociology Symposium

April 26th (Friday), 2024, from 10 AM to Noon
HCC 111

  • Zoe Hanrahan: “Life-style or Marriage Migrants? Western Women and Positioning Privilege in Asia.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Nora Kim
  • Laurie Zdenek: “Rates, Strategies and Barriers: A Literature Review of Immigration and Homelessness in the United States.” Faculty mentor, Dr. Leslie Martin
  • Maren Raposo: “Analyzing the Campus Climate Survey.” Faculty mentor, Dr. Debra Schleef
  • Alexis Pineda-Bautista: “Variability in Sidewalks: Who it Affects.” Faculty mentor, Dr. Leslie Martin
  • Jocelyn Bassett, Makai Milton, Hallie Perry, Caitlin Redmon: “Poverty in Higher Education: How do Professors view the impact of Poverty in their teaching?” Faculty mentor, Dr. Nora Kim


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